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    1. Terms for prepay card

      The 24 pre-pay card scheme is operated by Compass Group UK & Ireland, Compass House, Guildford Street, Chertsey, KT16 9BQ. These terms and conditions apply to the use of the 24 pre-pay card (the card) for the loading and redemption of cashless payments at any 24 outlets. Use of the card will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions.

    2. Getting your prepay card

      Applicants must reside in the UK and be aged 18 years or over.
      The card is free of charge and can be obtained at any of our participating outlets. It is not a credit or charge card and remains the property of Compass Group UK & Ireland.
      The card needs to be registered prior to use by visiting the 24 website at www.thisis24.co.uk and creating an account. The card can be topped up with a credit or debit card.
      There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be loaded on the card and it is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure the figure entered for authorisation is correct.
      You can either top up your card manually, or there is the ability to auto top up the card from a nominated credit or debit card. You choose the minimum and maximum values via your online account, and the nominated card will be charged automatically when you fall below your minimum value up to your maximum e.g. if you set your minimum to be £5 and you maximum to be £25 when your balance falls to £4.99 or below your pre-pay card will be topped up to £25 from your stored credit or debit card details.
      You may cancel your card at any time by returning it to 24, Compass Group UK & Ireland, Parkview, 82 Oxford Road, Uxbridge, but if you do so, you will forfeit the right to any monies that have accumulated on the card that have not been used. If you wish to cancel your card you must contact 24.FMhelpdesk@14Forty.co.uk
      The card is your (“the cardholder”) responsibility whilst it is in your possession. We cannot be held responsible for unauthorised use of the card or for any monies lost as a result of failure by you to keep the card safe. 24 pre-pay cards may not be sold, exchanged or used for any other purpose, except as specified in these Terms and Conditions, without our written permission.
      If your card is lost or stolen it is your responsibility to obtain a new card from the outlet or your nominated administrator and transfer the monies through your 24 account at www.thisis24.co.uk on to the new card and at the same time ‘Mark as Lost’ your old card.
      You can check your balance at any of our outlets by presenting your card to the card reader and it will display the remaining value on the card. You can also check online at www.thisis24.co.uk through your account.
      You will only be able to redeem your pre-paid monies against future purchases made at our participating 24 outlets and the transaction total will be deducted immediately from your card.
      We reserve the right to reject any cards that have become unreadable and also to refuse to accept payment where the card has been acquired by theft, fraud or any other means which are not in accordance with the terms and conditions.

    3. Loyalty scheme – commencing 12 November 2014
      Free regular hot beverage for every 15 points earned

      With effect from 12 November 2014, you will earn one virtual loyalty point for each complete pound you spend with 24. Points can only be earned at the time of purchase and only if the 24 pre-pay card is presented as the method of payment at the point of sale.
      For every fifteen virtual loyalty points earned, you will also receive an electronic voucher for one free regular hot beverage. This voucher will be automatically added to your 24 pre-pay card and fifteen loyalty points will be deducted from your card when the voucher is used. Your free regular hot beverage can be claimed at any time upon presentation of your card and subject to these Terms and Conditions.
      A card can hold an unlimited amount of loyalty points and you can check the points balance on your 24 pre-pay card at any time online or at any participating 24 outlet. Please note that we may change the number of points you can collect at any time.

    4. Free regular hot beverage on your birthday

      As a 24 loyalty cardholder, you will receive an electronic voucher for one free regular hot beverage on your birthday. This voucher will be automatically added to your 24 pre-pay card and your free regular hot beverage must be claimed within 7 days (using your card), after which time it will expire. You consent to us using information about you (including your date of birth) to provide this service. If you do not provide your date of birth to us on registering your account, we will not be able to send you an electronic voucher and you will not be entitled to claim a free regular hot beverage on your birthday. One voucher per person and redemption is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

    5. Terms and conditions of loyalty scheme

      If you wish to opt out of the loyalty scheme you must contact 24.FMhelpdesk@14Forty.co.uk
      Points and vouchers have no cash value and are not transferable. Redeemed points/vouchers cannot be used again. We will not exchange points or vouchers for cash and we reserve the right to remove any points or vouchers that have not been redeemed for over 2 years (although note that birthday vouchers expire after 7 days).
      Points and vouchers can only be earned, held and redeemed as set out in these Terms and Conditions. Any points our vouchers obtained or used otherwise than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be invalid and cannot be redeemed.
      Points and vouchers are personal to the individual card holder and cannot be pooled with those earned by another individual and redeemed together.
      You may, at our discretion, qualify for additional benefits after a certain period of time and/or spend with 24. We will inform you when you are entitled to these additional benefits.
      We may, on notifying you, forfeit all accrued points/vouchers, and/or suspend your right to collect and/or redeem points or vouchers if you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions, if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are engaged in fraudulent or other criminal activities relating to us or your 24 pre-pay card, or if you supply false or misleading information.
      You may only redeem vouchers against purchases of regular hot beverages made in participating 24 outlets. You may not make part payment for a purchase using redeemed vouchers. You are not entitled to collect points when using your free beverage voucher.
      If you no longer have access to a 24 outlet or cancel your 24 pre-pay card at any time, you will lose the right to redeem all unused points and vouchers. Likewise, if you lose your 24 pre-pay card at any time or if it is stolen you may lose any points/vouchers you have earned in the same way as if you lost your wallet.
      Any points or vouchers earned on your 24 pre-pay card are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We do not offer any other compensation schemes to cover losses claimed in connection with your 24 pre-pay card.
      We do not warrant or represent that your 24 pre-pay card will always be accepted at participating 24 outlets. For example, in the unlikely event of a failure of 24’s IT and communications systems, 24 may not be able to add points or allow you to redeem a voucher during such a system failure.
      We can cancel or amend the terms of the loyalty scheme at any time on reasonable notice. We will endeavour to provide you with 30 days’ written notice in event the scheme is closed.

    6. General

      Compass Group UK & Ireland can cancel or withdraw the card and/or the card scheme at any time. We can also change these terms and conditions. Please visit www.thisis24.co.uk to obtain the latest terms and conditions.
      Compass Group UK & Ireland does not guarantee that the website will be accessible all the time.
      We will use or authorise the use of your information for the following purposes: to process your registration; to respond to your queries or requests; to administer your account and otherwise to undertake any of our obligations to you; to send you details of products, services or promotions which may be of interest to you. In addition, in order to provide you with your card as well as other associated services, it may be necessary for your information to be passed on to a third party that will assist Compass Group UK & Ireland. By using the service, you consent to us using your information for these purposes.
      It is your responsibility to update any changes to your personal details on your account.
      We control the data collected about you in relation to the pre-pay card. As part of your application, you will be asked to provide various personal data including your name, email address and postcode. You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal data we hold about you subject to adequate proof of identity. We will provide you with such details within 40 days of your request. Any inaccuracies in your information can easily be corrected by yourself.
      Use of your personal information is governed by our privacy policy, a copy of which is available on the webpage at www.thisis24.co.uk.
      As between you and us, we own all intellectual property rights in the 24 pre-pay card, the loyalty scheme and any associated programs.
      We shall not be responsible or held liable for any default or event arising directly or indirectly from any cause or event beyond our control.
      Compass Group UK & Ireland accepts no responsibility for any malfunctions, errors or viruses in the software that has been designed to maintain your details or for any incompatibility with all or any hardware and/or software that you use.
      We may transfer the benefits of these terms and conditions to a company in the same group as Compass Group UK & Ireland and if we do so, your rights will not be affected in any way.
      These terms and conditions are governed by English law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
      Please retain these terms and conditions for your records. If you have any queries about the 24 pre-pay card please visit the FAQ section on the webpage at www.thisis24.co.uk.
      Please print a copy of these terms and conditions for your records. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact 24.FMhelpdesk@14Forty.co.uk